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Ahh, ‘Pivot’. It might be the new ‘entrepreneur’ of our time. A word over-used and abused to justify unscientific ‘see-if-it-sticks’ startup management practices.

Well, this post is to be a placeholder for an entire site overhaul and change of mission for StokeQuest.  I learned a lot from StokeQuest over the past year (13 months, really) but not the least of which was that a self-centered mission with enormously ambitious goals for identifying and participating in causes for me to help was rather well doomed to fall short of goal.  (In Googler OKR speak, I’m around a .3 on delivery.)

Ther new Stokequest is going to be massively simplified, focused on how I can create value immediately with every hour spent on a project (as opposed to spending weeks finding, qualifying, and joining projects).

It’s also, most importantly, not going to be quite so self-centered.

One of the achievements of the past year is that I’m enormously confident in the basic approaches I’ve developed for leading teams and managing change. I’m going to share all of that, in a novel, addictive format for folks who like adventure and like to break the mold. It’s going to be quite the adventure in and of itself!

Here’s to the future.



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